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Raised by the rhythm of Kentucky, Tommy Zuko's musical journey commenced at the age of 6. By 16, he began recording in his childhood closet, aspiring to recreate the sounds he fell in love with growing up. Influences range from the melodies of The Temptations to the golden era of hip-hop, from artists like Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, & others, as well as embracing the diverse sounds of today's music.


His dedication transformed him into the artist and engineer he is today,Every element in his songs is meticulously placed, crafting a harmonious sound. Pursuing his dreams demanded sacrifices, leading Zuko to purchase a one-way ticket to California, seeking the environment needed to nurture the seeds planted long ago in his studio closet.


As his art flourished, a significant turning point occurred in 2020 when Tommy Zuko embraced a new beginning. Having been baptized, he dedicated his music to a higher purpose, marking the start of his journey as a Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) artist. It's a testament to his evolving musical identity and a message that it's time for the world to listen.

Source - Marissa C

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